Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Recipe: Nacho Best Move

Hurricane Sandy off the Carolinas
Photo courtesy of Creative Commons: NASA Goddard Photo and Video:

A recipe for all the idiots currently lined up at various sea walls on the East Coast in anticipation of Hurricane Sandy.

Nacho Best Move

1 bag of chips
1 can of black beans
1/4 cup cheese
Sour cream
Hot sauce
Your iphone
Your friend's iphone, as needed
Serves: no one to 2 people and a stray dog
1. Turn away from the storm surge and 10 ft waves, open a bag of chips. They will be soggy in 1 minute, but that's the price of being an idiot.
2. Open the can of black beans and dump them on the wet chips, in a bowl, ideally, but honestly they will scatter all over the Boardwalk on the back of a 65 mph wind.
3. Hold the sour cream up in the air and let it be carried on a current and blopped onto the road. Some will find its way onto the beans, or onto some broken bikes, upturned trees, your drunk friend or a water-logged car. 
4. Hold the hot sauce horizontally if you can and wait for a wave to crash on your back, sending you and the hot sauce onto the beans.
5. Now, when you've recovered, use your now broken and water-logged iphone to scrape some nachos off the street.
6. Use your friend's iphone (still working) to videotape the making of the recipe, post to Youtube and then use your friend's iphone for a plate (now broken).


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