Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Good Fish and the 3 day rule

Photo by psychedelys

The following views are expressed with tongue firmly implanted in cheek.

Not sure if this is a Jewish-ism or a New Jersey-ism or just human nature - but I grew up hearing this saying: "Family is like fish, stinky after 3 days."  It never really made much sense to me as a kid because from where I sat, the fish stank right from the get-go and I love my family.  I still ate the fish, of course, especially the smoked sablefish and lox, in great quantities to give myself strength while I waited at the top of my grandma's stairs for the sound of the car doors slamming and my cousins spilling out from all sides. I'd shake with nervous excitement and three days with my family was never enough.

As I got older, the truism gained a bit more truth and no offense to my family (Hi Dad! Hi Brothers!) but there is a grain of salt on that stinky fish, even in my loving family. I've passed this wisdom on to my friends and some have  repeated it like a mantra while discussing flight arrangements with their Aunt Edna or their estranged sister or even their dear mother who they genuinely enjoy in small  titrated doses like homeopathic dilutions of familial bonding.

Others ignored this advice and woke up on the 4th day to their uncle's hardy back pats, their father's love of drink, or their cousin's taste in bad punk to a noxious smell - subtle at first, just enough to tilt their head into the wind to see where it was coming from - a smell that then builds quickly throughout the day crescendoing into a fetid cloud so bad you can almost hear it slap against your ear drums like some never filmed Monty Python skit where Michael Palin is beating John Cleese with a dead spawned-out salmon so smelly it could raise the dead.

That bad.

Thing is, the fish get a bad rap here when really what we mean to suggest is that humans can really stink sometimes, especially when they wear out their welcome.  Good fish doesn't smell at all when you get it.  You really have to break all the rules to get it to smell that bad after 3 days.

I want to suggest an amendment to the truism. It's a little wordy.
 "Good family is like good fish, eh, maybe a little stinky after 3 days?  Bad family is like bad fish, stinky from across the room the minute you see them."

I'm going on a Good Fish Book Tour. I'm getting in and getting out and my greatest ambition involves not leaving a trail of stink in my wake. Check back to this page as I will be updating it frequently, adding new info and new dates, each event under 3 days.

March 14th: 1 advance copy arrives.  The Capitol Hill Gazette reports that Mrs. Beatrice Bitty heard "HOLYSHIT HOLYSHIT HOLYSHIT!" through the thin walls of her 1914 apartment building and claims the ruckus came from Becky Selengut's unit. No charges were filed, but there was plenty of tsk-tsking in the halls.
April 21st: Good Fish hits the warehouse. Thousands of warehouse ants seek new housing. 
May 1: Good Fish videos launch at
May 9: Tilikum Place Cafe Launch Event Seattle, WA - SOLD OUT
May 15: Elliott Bay Book Company Seattle, WA reading/signing 2 pm
May 16: PCC Good Fish class - West Seattle
May 17: PCC Good Fish class - Greenlake (Seattle) SOLD OUT
May 18: Microsoft cooking demo/signing Redmond, WA (internal event) 
May 20: Seattle Bon Vivant cooking demo/signing Seattle, WA SOLD OUT 
May 25: PCC Good Fish class - Redmond, WA  book signing 4-6 pm

June 1: PCC Good Fish class - Issaquah, WA book signing 4-6 pm
June 4: Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey, CA demo/signing for World Ocean's Day
June 5: Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey, CA demo/signing for World Ocean's Day
June 7: Santa Monica Seafood - Santa Monica, CA demo/signing 4-6 pm / HAS BEEN MOVED TO JUNE 8TH
June 8: Santa Monica Seafood - Costa Mesa, CA demo/signing 5-6 pm CANCELLED
June 11: Farmer’s Market at the Ferry Plaza (CUESA), San Francisco, CA demo/signing
June 11: Omnivore Books, San Francisco, CA reading/signing 3-4 pm 
June 12: 18 Reasons Art Gallery, San Francisco, CA - cooking demo/signing 1-3 pm 
June 13: PCC Good Fish class - Edmonds, WA, book signing 5-6 pm
June 16: Metropolitan Market - Proctor, Tacoma, WA demo/signing 5-7 pm
June 17: Metropolitan Market - Admiral, Seattle, WA demo/signing 5-7 pm

June 18th: Metropolitan Market - Kirkland, WA 12-2 demo/signing and then Sand Point 3:30-5:30
June 21: Palace Ballroom, panel on sustainable seafood issues (details to come)
June 24-25: Wild Foods Weekend (and Good Fish class) at the North Cascades Basecamp, Methow Valley, WA - NOT TO BE MISSED EVENT - spots available
June 26: Trail's End Bookstore, Winthrop, WA reading and book signing 3-5 pm

July 17: Cornish College of the Arts: Good Fish field trip to Fisherman's Terminal and Mutual Fish, includes lunch and cooking class (details to come): spots available
July 28:  Slow Food Seattle Good Fish Event (details to come)


Kristina said...

OMG, I am so there in Santa Monica in June! Yay!

Foodies Heaven said...

Toatlly with you on the good fish doesnt stink, i visited pike place whilst in the army and seeing the large fish thrown from one stall to the next and then eating the freshest fish, things dont get much better than fresh fish.

Cathy @ ShowFoodChef said...

You know what stinks? That I didn't hear you were coming to Santa Monica - whew, I'm glad I stalk you like I do, or I would've missed it. Loved your post and I'm offering any help for your demo cuz I will be there staring, laughing and learning from the awesomeness that is you in any dose :D

Hunter Angler Gardener Cook said...

What?! No Sacramento? Wah. I think I can make the gallery event on June 12 though...

...and yes, I heard the "3 days" rule a lot growing up in Jersey.

Irvin said...

I CANNOT believe that you pick the ONE weekend that I am out of town to come to San Francisco. After all I did for you, hooking you up with 18 Reasons and Omnivore Books. I shake my fist at you!!!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the one in Santa Monica in June. But, that's so far off away, I'll probably have forgotten it by then.

Although, since the book uses seafood across the western seaboard, from Alaska down to SD, I'm a bit surprised that there's not more demos and signings outside Washington.

Becky said...

Kristina, Foodies Heaven, Cathy, Hank: thank you all for stopping by and I hope to see you somewhere along the way -

Irvin - I CANNOT believe you pick the ONE weekend I am in SF to go out of town ;) xo

Anonymous: It IS so far off, but jot it down in your calendar and hope to see you there. Re: book tour - turns out, book tours aren't a huge priority for publishers anymore - reviews, and blog posts sell many more books than physical appearances. I live in WA state, so I'm able to get to more locations here than up and down the West Coast. I'm appreciative my publisher is even sending me to California.

Hoping to get to Portland and Vancouver BC, as well. Thanks for stopping by!

NetDoc said...

Fish and visitors smell in three days. - Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard's Almanack, 1736

Neil Butterfield said...

The fish that I eat does not stink, in fact it smells real good. People on the other hand are a different kettle of fish.

sewa mobil said...

Nice article, thanks for the information.

Anonymous said...

There's a discrepancy between your schedule at Santa Monica Seafood here and what SMS has posted on their website- they're saying your demo will be 4-6.

What's the correct schedule?

I'm assuming the demo will be done before the book signing, so does this mean the demo will really begin at 4 and the book signing will be at 5?

Becky said...

Good catch - yes, demo starts at 4 and signing will follow the demo! hope to see you there!

Anonymous said...

I'll have to come in work even earlier or skip lunch, but I'll see you at 4 at Santa Monica Seafood in Costa Mesa.

Becky said...

To anonymous: hope you see this - the costa mesa demo has been cancelled and the santa monica demo/signing was moved to tomorrow at 4. Mucho confusion all around. Terribly sorry if you don't see this in time.


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