Friday, August 27, 2010

Good Fish Video Bloopers

I'd rather see a speculum coming at me. Wait, no... an ice-cold speculum coming at me, than to be filmed on camera. Some people fear going to the dentist. I would happily endure a root canal before I would endure staring into the cold, gaping maw of a camera lens and then be told to perform.

Therefore, my idea to shoot fifteen cooking videos to accompany my cookbook might sound slightly masochistic. When I formulated this idea I imagined I'd be teaching someone to cook in these videos - just like how I teach cooking classes - to live, real humans. To teach and talk straight into a blank, cold camera lens made me stiffen up faster than my videographer's lewd and lascivious tri-pod (you'll understand in a moment).

Enter the blooper reel. Put it this way: I've got lots of material because I keep screwing up. So, to put a pleasant twist on my deer in the headlights deep-freeze, my videographer keeps filming and sends me the blooper reel to ease my tension. We decided we'll keep them and post them at the end of every video. Here's the first. Enjoy.

bloopers from by.luuvu on Vimeo.


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