Monday, January 4, 2010

Seattle Premiere of Mission:Sustainable

God, I hate asking for money. I was never very good at it when I was 12, trying to get my Dad to pay for the movies and I'm lousy now. My Dad (oh he thought he was teaching me personal responsibility) made me mow the lawn before I could get the cash, but then I'd miss the movie and he didn't believe in loans. I suppose if, as a nation, we'd have all mowed our figurative lawns before spending we'd be a lot better off, but that's a different topic for a different day.

Thing is, we've already done our hard work and now we need some cash before January 15th, so you, collectively, don't miss this "movie". We, the cast, producer, director, and crew have been working our tails off for the last few months to make Mission: Sustainable a reality, and now it's time to make it a reality t.v. show. We've all donated our time, every last hour. We've produced a pilot on nothing but our enthusiasm and we want the premiere to be STUNNING with music, local company and organization booths, food and wine and an actual green carpet. We want a thousand of you to show up at the Fisher Pavilion at Seattle Center to collectively push this little show that could onto the national stage. We actually believe we can help change the world.

The premiere info is above. What else can I say besides, lovingly, appreciatively:

Bitches, it's time to get your wallets out.

The premiere is free but your donations can help offset the 5K we need. Go here to help, scroll down to the DONATE button and you can send some of your green via Paypal. $5 is totally okay. $50 is also totally okay. If you are able to donate, let me know in the comments section, and I'll give you extra special hugs and kisses at the premiere or if that feels wrong, I'll shake your hand and thank you sincerely, without public displays of affection and the exchange of bodily fluids. It's your call.

Here's a letter from our producer:

Dear Friend:

I made a resolution last January to make 2009 a year of ambition; I would not reject any experience to push myself personally and professionally due to fear.

Determined to live my resolution, I told one person about my dream to create a reality television show that would communicate the ideals and practice of urban sustainability. By utilizing television’s most popular format, I wanted to reach out to both the established environmental "choir” and the American viewers at large. Before I knew it, one conversation led to another and with a swell of support from friends, I was determined to pursue the show.

The result is a story about making a dream a reality with no cash, but many donations; no paid professionals, but a small army of committed volunteers; and little production experience, but plenty of passion. In May of 2009, I met my creative partner, Jon Sumple, formed ReGeneration Productions and Mission:Sustainable was born. By August, we launched a website, received media attention and held auditions for our cast of sustainability experts. The turnout was incredible, requiring two additional audition sessions to accommodate interest.

I am amazed by the energy and commitment of everyone who has contributed to the evolution of my dream. Our volunteer crew has grown from a few to several dozen, and nearly every time we ask for help, there is a person or company eagerly offering support. Thanks to the many donations of products and services needed to produce Mission: Sustainable, the pilot has been taped, and we’re now in postproduction.

The pilot is set to debut at Seattle Center’s Fisher Pavilion and by invitation in Eugene, Oregon, at the Good Earth Home, Garden & Living Show – the nation’s first sustainable home show, attracting tens of thousands of visitors annually.

To date, we have secured more than $20,000 worth of donations from our friends at Seattle Center, In Harmony Sustainable Landscapes, Mode Organic Salon, PCC Natural Markets, Full Circle Farms, Mutual Fish, Vesta Home Performance, Pure Audio and others. We wouldn’t be where we are today without their generous support, but we are in need of additional funds to cover expenses for our Green Carpet Event at Fisher Pavilion and travel expenses to Eugene.

Our goal: Raise $5,000 by January 15th.

I’m appealing to all of you, my friends and neighbors, to join me in bringing Mission: Sustainable into homes across America. Innocence, determination and luck have brought me and my growing team to where we are today. Your generous support will take us to tomorrow.

With your help, we can make 2010 a year of achievement.

Rose Thornton
Founder/Producer, ReGeneration Productions
ReGeneration Productions, LLC
Mission: Sustainable Website


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